Frame/Wheels Change Suggestion

I see an issue at the moment with Zwift is that everyone tends to run the same bikes/wheels in events because they are seen as the fastest frame and wheels for the course they are doing… There is always the issue as well of things being changed and a frame that was once fast is now slower and a slow wheelset now faster

I am pretty sure 95% of the frames and wheels in Zwift would go unused purely based on their poor performance as they are not ideal. So why add more frames and wheels etc into the game if they are not going to get used?

Instead of applying different rules per frame and wheels create the following groups where all frames and wheels in that category are identical when it comes to speed on flats and climbs etc. This allows someone to choose what ever frame they like from that category so they can support their favourite brand rather than choosing the same brand as everyone else because its the fastest for the course. It still adds tactics because someone would still need to work out should they take a frame from the aero group or because there is that sharp short climb something more all-round

Frame/wheels Groups

  1. Aero
  2. Climbing
  3. All-round
  4. Time Trial
  5. Dirt
  6. Casual

This simple change would allow people to have so much more choice on what frame and wheelset they use. This would make Zwift feel so much less cookie cutter with everyone using the same frame and wheels. Racing could change as well as this would allow teams to not just wear the same kits but also look at using the same frames and wheels without worrying that they are at a disadvantage.

Basically, identical within the star ratings per type would be good enough.

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