Bike Suggestions for course/event

When sat in the pen for an event waiting for it to start, I wondered “what frame/wheels should I be on for this”? Especially as my previous event was a TT, and the game had defaulted me onto a Zwift Carbon road bike…

There’s always the option of searching in ZwiftInsider for recommendations, but could something be suggested in-game? Could the game suggest (maybe only if I go looking for it in “my garage”): which is the best of my currently owned frames/wheels to choose for the current event? Could it suggest a purchase for me to make, based on my current Drops banked, and a better bike being available to me?

This could either be:

  1. a performance based criteria (aero/weight star rating) relating to the chosen course length/climbing
  2. a popularity metric - what were the most popular choices of the last X thousand riders to complete this course with similar traits:
  • event type
  • course profile/length
  • FTP / A-D category of rider
  • Level (what they can access)

Bonus: If the game does force a bike switch (i.e. when joining an event from freeride), can it alert the user? (obviously not for brand sponsored events).

The star ratings in Zwift have very little meaning so I’m not sure useful recommendations could be made from that information. Popularity metrics would probably be even less meaningful since people make crazy choices for whatever reason (appearance of the bike, bad information, etc). You might like this website that provides route specific advice based on your level and budget.