Make Bike Speeds Clearer

Why do some bikes with the same exact ratings for aero and weight sometimes differ significantly in their speed? I’ve seen articles and videos where folks have compared bike speeds, and the results are super confusing.

This is such an obvious thing that needs fixed. People work hard to earn drops. They should be able to make an informed decision on what they’re buying.

Most just wait until ZwiftInsider does their test to see which bike and equipment is the fastest.

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More aero stars means better aerodynamic, same for weight

I do agree that Zwift should do a better job at listing attributes for equipment, i.e. a finite and defined scale. Bike and wheels are the big ones but they could/should also open this up to kit, socks, shoes, helmets, tires, etc.

Waiting for ZwiftInsider to translate Zwift’s crappy and inaccurate rating system isn’t a good solution. Zwift should just fix the crappy and inaccurate ratings.