Zwift secrets - equipment attributes

Why does Zwift keep so many secrets about the game. I know Zwift Insider and others run tests then report as best as possible to us but why doesn’t Zwift just tell us “bike A” is rated 90/100 for aero and 75/100 for weight, “bike B” is 75/100 for aero and 90/100 for weight, wheelset “a”, so on and so forth.

The current star system is not granular enough and oversimplifies this as you can have two bikes with the same ratings but they will result in different times. What about the aero and weight attributes of other things such as helmets, wheels, shoes, tires, Tri crop tops, jerseys, skinsuits, etc. (I know we only have bibs and jersey now).

Other top secrets: how to obtain a custom jersey. Does Zwift even know or have clearly defined rules for what the path is for this one?

I think you mean not granular enough. But yes, the star system very much oversimplifies the bike attributes used by Zwift to determine our speed. Once you’re in a group ride w/the draft or double draft, I really think the aero and weight becomes insignificant. If you’re trying to set TT PR or AdZ PR, then it matters a tiny bit :man_shrugging:

As far as I know, no testing has shown any of this too matter. I believe I read that only the helmets (?) have a CdA but none of them are significant enough to make a difference when someone (e.g., GPLama, Zwiftinsider, etc…) does testing.

I would start by contacting Zwift directly. It might even be quicker to contact someone from one of the groups that has a custom jersey and ask them for details regarding the process.

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Whoops, yes good catch. Thank you!

Of course to date, helmets, kit, shoes don’t matter but shouldn’t they? I’m going to take a page out of a Epic Games playbook here but we could start a new “season”. With the restart, the rewards/equipment could get reset in proper order from “worst” to “best” and it would actually incentivize people to ride more, complete challenges and level up. Currently going for another pair of gloves at level 30+ means nothing.

The hoping for a custom jersey is a fruitless effort, there are enough threads on here about that, just wanted to poke the bear once more. With the haphazard beta testing/rolling changes that they are currently implementing, I have a feeling that Zwift is currently overwhelmed (possibly overworked/underemployed?) for the current growth that they are going for.

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I’ve often wondered where the bottleneck is in Zwift Q&A/ Development/ Communication.

When I subbed to Zwift last fall after watching some intensifying GCN vids I’ll will admit I was surprised with the BETA state of all platforms. Since I have been subbed I have been amazed at the lack of communication from Zwift about the program and when it changes.

I have relegated myself into the corner as a user of something I love, but runs as a wild beast with no commitment to its subscribers.

Zwift will do what it does until competition presents itself. Not a good strategy, but it is the one being employed.


You don’t have to read this whole article but check out the watts to power these wheels to 30 km/h and 50 km/h. This would be handy if Zwift wanted to show a true representation of the equipment.


Interesting read. Thanks for the link. What can I say, I’m an enginerd :nerd_face:

I am curious as to the reference source for the CdA values that Zwift applies to frames, wheels, riders, etc… The physics modeling also is of interest to me. For the most part, I think the modeling is good, but there will always be corner cases where one sees odd results. Also, increasing fidelity in modeling has to be balanced by the increase in resources required. Anyway, I doubt that Zwift is going to share that information. I also do not think Zwift is obligated to share that information with anyone.

I do not have the time to setup and run my own tests, but love the fact that @Eric_Schlange_ZI aka ZwiftInsider, @Shane_Miller_GPLama , etc., w/their testing reveal some interesting tidbits which is fun for them and their readers as well.

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A changelog for updated would be handy. This way we know what to look for when things go south, or in the case of ERG mode recently, VERY south. Tech companies used to supply changelogs… now days we see crap like “Bug fixes and enhancements for the experience”.

As for disclosure of features/CdA/etc… that’d be a balancing act. Too detailed and people will game the system. However too little and it appears that development and enhancements have stagnated. The latter seem to be where things have gone recently.


A shared sentiment. Something I have mentioned more than once and as recent as a couple of days ago: