Does your helmet choice impact CdA/Weight?

There’s a thread of this back in Jan’21 (Does wearing a helmet gain you anything) where a Zwift Insider article was linked by a Zwift Employee along with a response saying ‘Only Cosmetic.’

My reason for starting a new thread:
The article did mention a 1-2 second variation in time results.
Moreover, cosmetics have weight and CdA values associated with every cosmetic in the Zwift game files.

My questions are:
Do those stats have any impact on in-game speed?
Why do they include Cda and weight stats in game files if they are cosmetic only?

No. They have no impact on your speed.

They give cda values to be able to compare one product to another based on their real life ratings.

Not everything is cosmetic, but helmets and hats are.

Who’s using those values to compare anything? I’m wondering who’s using those values in the game files besides… the game

It’ll be a commercial issue.

Can you imagine Kask being happy if their top rated helmet has a value less than the vintage leather helmet?

Therefore the Zwift ratings have to reflect what the current standings are in real life.

What do you mean less value? You can’t see these stats unless you look into the game files in your computer’s directory?

If they want to “value” them they just assign a higher level they are unlocked at?
I’m still confused as to why they have weight and cda values that no one can see?
Are these legacy values from years and years ago?

I would guess that Zwift gave all equipment certain properties so that if they wish they could use it in the future.

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