Does wearing a helmet gain you anything

OK, we all know the safety benefits of wearing a helmet IRL. To encourage wearing of helmets, does Zwift provide any aerodynamic / speed benefit if you wear a helmet (not an aero helmet, just a regular one) or is wearing the helmet vs not just a cosmetic appearance thing in game?

Only cosmetic.

There is a test out there that the TT helmet has some advantage but I think that is in the noise of the test.


Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ, I did not see that article when I search ZwiftInsider for some reason.

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zwiftinsider articles are much easier to find once you’ve found them. everytime i try to actually find new information using their site I get referenced a lot of unrelated articles.


it’s for good looks :rofl::smirk:

Helmets are so I don’t have to look at a brown peach-fuzz head when my actual head is clean-shaven :wink:

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