Helmets. Safety

(Berto) #1

Helmets save lives. Shouldn’t Zwift be modeling responsible riding? Why wait until level 25 to get a helmet? Seems all riders should qualify (points) for a helmet upon sign up, with an opt out for those who don’t want.

(Daren) #2

There’s a default helmet right from level 1, as far as I recall.

As for whether they should be manadatory in a videogame, I think Zwift are very wise to steer well clear of that one.

(David) #3

Yeah, there is at least one helmet right from the start. I am level 15 and have 3 including one obtained for climbing AdZ.

I choose to wear one on the road but not on Zwift.

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #4

I would think that if modeling real world safety in-game were a thing, we wouldn’t be allowed to ride through a volcano or barrel around switch back turns at 45 mph.

(Nigel ) #5

I don’t wear a helmet when I’m Zwifting so blowed if my avatar is going to wear one as well.

(Ole) #6

It’s hot enough allready on my trainer. I don’t need to watch my avatar with a helmet.

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(Ricky) #7

If I wear a helmet I can’t see the brand new hairdo that I’ve just selected for my avatar. I also haven’t crashed on Zwift yet :crossed_fingers:

(Ken) #8

Good point, I’m taking my helmet off, too.

(Adam) #9

Yes, for sure!

I think Zwift should implement a new verification process, in order to assure that every rider is really riding with a real helmet on the trainer. Actually, the app should not event start if the rider is sitting on his trainer without a helmet!

Riding on a trainer without a helmet could be dangerous. One could fall of the trainer, some flying domestic objects could also fly directly into the head, the fan wind could also damage the brain not protected by the helmet and plenty of other situations…

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(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #10

To be fair, I did almost fall off my trainer last week… After bumping my fan with my front wheel I tried to right it without stepping off the bike, by reaching down over the handlebars. My weight imbalance started a slow motion fall taking my bike and trainer with me. I panicked, jumped off the bike, and knocked the tv off its stand shattering the screen. :sob:

(Adam) #11

oh…you see…another reason for the mandatory real helmet obligation verified by Zwift app (with the video cam new tech) . And this Zwift mandatory helmet with additional exterior foam layer could have been save your TV screen…

…and, if seriously, happened to me also to loose some balance on the trainer ))

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(Paul) #12

Top prize for most ridiculous suggestion?

(Steve) #13

I agree; perhaps not mandatory, but a bonus for using would be good encouragement.

(K) #14

Better wear a goretex jacket on the days it’s raining on Zwift as well.

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(Adam) #15

There is already some helmet bonus in place. But as was verified by zwiftinsider the difference in time is less than important (1-2 sec. differences). Here is the link: https://zwiftinsider.com/helmet-affect-speed/

(Steve) #16

Very interesting… thanks for sharing that!