#Helmet on!

Hello people at Zwift.
While riding today I noticed how many people’s avatars are NOT wearing a helmet.
As a doctor I think riding your racing bike without one is the equivalent of not wearing your belt while driving a car.
Every year healthy bikers die because of head trauma which may have been avoided by wearing a helmet. Although I realize this is a personal decision everyone needs to make for themselves I strongly urge everyone to also wear the helmet online. The more people do so, the more it heightens peoples awareness and support and the more default it becomes. This will be a more accurate mirroring of real life and you will help make real life safer.
Please support this initiative!

Moved to Feature Request.

I ride with a visor on.

I always ride with the helmet on, it make me feel like i’m riding a bike. I wish we could change the color of our helmets that would be fun.

But it is all a personal choice, I don’t think people that don’t use a helmet outdoors will use in indoor, on the avatar that is.

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I don’t think, zwifters who has no helmet on their avatar ride without helmet in real life.

In summer I ride MTB and road bike, and since a few years I don’t see bikers without helmet anymore.

My avatar recently got his helmet cause I reached the level for the dirt helmet. It’s the only one that looks okay. All other zwift-helmets look ugly AF.

Thanks for the feedback!
As said, virtual doesn’t necessarily reflect real life, still I would like to see helmet on 100% virtual and specifically real life

Do we not have freedom of choice? I am against forcing this on everyone, especially on a virtual platform.


Yes you do! Some choices are however smarter than others…:wink:

Ya, but you are proposing that we should have no choice and I am against that.

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Not saying that! Saying I would like to see it 100%

So your feature request would be a setting that would allow you to see everybody else with a helmet on. And why not. While we’re at it, I would like a setting to see everybody with proper sock length. And not riding a Trek. Or a Giant.


Proper sock length, I’m a triathlete we don’t play by those silly rules, :laughing:

I ride a Felt, so I’m good?

Not with triathlete socks! #priorities

Hey, we need to be able to run after we ride so it is kind of a necessity.

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That’s where you took the wrong turn. :joy:

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Well, I didn’t think one sport was hard enough. Triathlon, the King of Sports

I ride both in game AND outside without a helmet…sorry, but you are going to have to live with that…


Heresy. I’d rather marry a triathlete.


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@Paul_Allen and @eric_bednarz.bike can you two please stay on topic. This thread is about a silly post asking everyone to pretend their Zwift avatar is an actual person outside on the roads and to put a virtual helmet on, not about how stupid running and swimming is. Don’t your socks get wet when you swim, should you even have socks @Paul_Allen? :rofl:

“what if I told you there is NO SPOON?”

mind blown!