VR goggles

I noticed that everybody’s avatar had a VR headset strapped to their face today.
Teaser of things to come, or just April fools :thinking: ?

How can we get rid of these stupid vr googles on our avatar, and why do zwift always think this is something we would like…let it be our option,. dont force it on us…Ive tried Vr and it sucks…get far far too sweaty…do we see cyclists in real world cycling with vr goggles…er, no…so how unrealistsic does this now make the game look…the robo pacers were bad enough, now this

I guess they’ll be gone tomorrow :wink:



What makes you think that…


And the fact that I own a calendar.



wonder what other shenanigans they are going to pull for today

Go into the garage and select “no helmet” (first option). That should remove the VR headset from your avatar.

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The latter, I’d say. The best one was the 2016 one I reckon. =)


Running Zwift from my iPhone, I was seeing all sorts of flashing black shapes, and occasionally a very large virtual headset appeared in the road. I couldn’t figure out the joke!

Everyone was getting that. I was sick so missed all the “fun” but was told that reports of the problem were met with “it’s your setup” when it was really Zwift.

At least it is gone now.

The VR googles - very disappointing for April Fools :woman_facepalming: I’d rather just have had the trikes again

Yesterday, did the goggles show up for anyone else running Android? I did a couple of Spin rides and a robopacer ride but didn’t see them on any rider. App was up to date and I was wearing head gear.

I know they’re gone now, I was just curious…maybe it needed a higher graphics profile?

You probably did your rides after they shut it off

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Miss the ghosts