Realism option (optical)


Please add an option for an realistic optic. I do not mean better graphics/textures.
I mean, let me turn off the glowing-wheels, Robo-Riders or other odd optics. Just riders with normal outfits; and all wearing helmets.


Can i ask why those things are such an issue?

What outfits aren’t normal?

Why do they have to wear helmets?

I have a solution for you… turn off your wifi/disconnect from the internet after you start a ride… everyone will disappear and you will be left all alone without all those annoying people riding around you. Just reconnect before saving the ride or it won’t count and will be lost.

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Won’t remove the dinosaurs, Sasquatch, Spaceships etc…
I’m getting the feeling Zwift isn’t the platform for the poster given this and their other issues.

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Sounds like you are in the wrong game. None of those things will happen.

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I’m thankful that the dinosaurs stay off the road!