Feature for users to optionally not see Tron bikes glow

Some love them, some hate them. They were once a special sighting but now they are everywhere. They quickly remind me Zwift is just a game. How about a feature so a user can see Tron bikes as some other more ordinary bike?

Don’t the cartoony graphics, power-ups, HUD etc. do that anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


Workaround - You can close your eyes … it should help :sunglasses:
Moreover, there is no danger in Zwift to ride with closed eyes … I’ve never heard of anybody who crashed in Zwift … which is actually quite odd, as a lot of Zwifters ride like lunatics … crazy speed, U turns without any sign … stopping just in the middle of the road … etc … :slight_smile:

Please don’t ride on Zwift with your eyes closed.
I say this as someone who uses rollers.
The only time I can endorse closing your eyes is when you first start
using rollers on Zwift and you approach a corner. It is almost impossible
at first to override the desire to turn into the corner, thereby shooting off your
rollers into nearby furniture. (not ideal, so close eyes)

I totally agree with U turns, I almost crashed off again as someone turned
into me. (I turned to avoid an accident, and nearly had an accident) Ummm.

Believe it or not I’ve had punctures indoors on rollers also.!!!
What I think I’m saying is, don’t use rollers.

I hope this post helps.

Cheers all
Ride On (but not on rollers)

PS I ride indoors because its safer. LOL


How about that feature:

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I couldn’t imagine riding rollers while zwifting. I would lose my balance at the first bend in the road. I have a hard enough time watching tv on rollers. Especially during action scenes and car chases and the like.

Watch him: THESWPLACE :wink:

Already done. The Tron bike is shaded according to power/FTP.

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Seriously? In workout mode or all the time? I will check that :rofl: thanks for the advice!

Cheers A_cid,
that looks like a great site to view.
Not come across that one before.

Ride On.

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The platform itself is cartoony but there are areas that can be somewhat immersive. Riding through the Esses from the rider’s POV reminds me of areas I ride through in real life.

I see a new product is debuting today and has customizable levels of reality:

Make room Zwift, there’s a new virtual cycling game in town.

CVRcade, a gaming platform for stationary cyclists, will launch in beta on December 1, courtesy of developer Cycligent Physical Esports. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Cycligent is the same company behind the CVR World Cup, a series of virtual races formerly run on Zwift, where riders compete for tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Now, Cycligent wants to take on Zwift with a platform of its own. Rides and races will still take place on virtual courses, but CVRcade is promising a fully customizable experience. You can choose from a standard, realistic-looking course, or go all-in on the gaming element with a fantastical cycling-scape complete with tractor beams and power-ups.

That’s a different thing isn’t it? i.e. the colour stays the same, but becomes more intense as power increases.

That request is asking for the colour itself to match what’s on the HUD in front of the rider I think.

But the same point - the shade changes according to FTP and current power.

Besides, if I choose orange wheels to match my kit and bike, I want it to stay a shade of orange, not grey and yellow and green and blue.

No effekt here. Dont know how it works. I cant change any detail level. 1080 Resolution. Any advice how to make the Tron bike glow?