A small suggestions for improvement

Hi, I am pretty new at zwift.

I love it so far. Start to collect kilometers…

so far i recognized one thingvthat i would like to be overworked.

  • I still have Problems to find myself in a peleton while riding a race or in a group where everybody gets the same jersey. Is it possible to add something recognizable on the neck of my avatar. like “me”

Being a hudge Pink Floyd fan, I want to thank the people at Zwift for letting the Pig fly over battersea power station in London.

wear a helmet or cap

A couple of items;

  1. The pig was changed to a squirrel a while back, after a cease & desist from Pink Floyd’s attorneys (at least that’s what I heard).

  2. As Zee suggested, wear a recognizable cap, or perhaps odd socks or a bike of a strange color. That might help for now, anyway, but I don’t disagree that having something to help out in a large group of like-kitted riders would be helpful at times. (Also, also keep in mind that you are, generally, right in the middle of the screen when using 3rd-person camera mode.)

what about a crazy hair style?

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