I know we al wanna look good on the bike. :relaxed: But safety first en please wear a helmet also in your digital world.
I see to many people outdoor not wearing one.
So I hope that we can set an example indoor!

Agree with the sentiment… but it IS digital after all. And helmet choices are quite limited.

So not to be difficult. For me to be able to recognise myself in a big bunch where everybody is assigned the same jersey as well, I wear a more rare cap.

IRL I always wear a helmet when cycling. Over here it is mandatory by law anyway.

In-game Helmets have zero performance impact.

Good for bragging rights only.

It’s a game.

Avatars in Zwift do lots of things that would be very dangerous to do when riding outside -e.g. riding across other riders, riding through the middle of a peloton, descending hairpin bends at high speeds, etc.


My avatar rides without a helmet most of the time. However i always stop and make sure he puts one on before cycling through the active volcano…


It’s a car/lorry/bus/tramline/railway line free environment. The pedestrians are extremely well behaved (just stand and applaude). And despite all my best attempts, I just glide through other riders and runners. Never been safer not to not wear a helmet so enjoy the pleasure.

(Admittedly I’ve fallen off when riding on rollers but only once)

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I don’t see how wearing a helmet in Zwift sets a good example. Most people I see NOT wearing a helmet IRL are not what I’d consider serious cyclists, whereas most on Zwift are. Those not wearing a helmet on the roads would very likely not be using Zwift anyhow.
Saying “wear a helmet on Zwift” is like saying don’t shoot people when playing GTA, need to set a good example. I know that if I am playing Lego Star Wars that I’m not Chewbaca and can be rebuilt if I get shot by a Stormtrooper with the pew pew lasers in real life, but I don’t wear a helmet in Zwift and always wear a helmet when I’m on a bike in real life.
Zwift is a game. There are countless examples of how people “game the game” in Zwift. It’s fun for them to lower their weight in the game to get higher w/kg when playing it. Not wearing a helmet and having a hair color or style you don’t have IRL is also part of that game. Plus, until I can get a helmet in Zwift that is bright colors with a unicorn horn and dragon scales to represent my shiny avatars’s personality, I will continue to not wear a helmet in the GAME. But if wearing a helmet in Zwift makes you feel safe, you have the option. If you want to wear a helmet IRL while on the trainer, awesome. (Statistically each year x% of Zwifters fall while dismounting their trainers and y% of those suffer some head trauma; so really all of us should be wearing helmets while on our trainers).

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No MoHawk helmet…AFAIK…I actually have not looked.

Wearing a helmet on the turbo…should we wear glasses in case of a stray Lego brick?

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I would also like some virtual arm and leg warmers to put on when I hit the snowline on the climbs, and a nice wind vest or jacket for the descents.


No helmet for me. IRL I am as bald as a cue ball. Zwift is the only place I can let my hair down and let it flow with the breeze. Even if it is only digital hair, I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


I think you’d see more people wearing helmets if we had a choice of more than 2 or 3.

I’d like to see more helmets as prizes for completing events, instead of always getting another jersey.

And if the helmets could have a color slider, like some of the bikes.

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