Why do Avatars need to look like cyclists?

It would be fun if the avatars available would be something other then cyclists?

mario carts?

just saying :blush:

I can see a cultural split coming soon… those who want to be entertained by the graphics and those pure cyclists who just want realism. This sounds like two very different destinations when choosing an activity.

Yeah, it would be good if we didn’t have to pedal, too. All that nasty sweat.

I don’t believe there is a cultural split at all, the very fact that you are using the Zwift web site tells me the graphics are a big part of why you joined otherwise your indoor trainer worked perfectly fine without this interface. So why not be entertained by the sights on the course, it’s a completely imaginary world thought up by a bunch of talented graphics designers and computer programmers.

…just say’n

@robert - it wasn’t a statement of what is just an observation of what might be. Look at the market place Tacx, Veloreality etc are appealing to a purist customer. Zwift has it’s place but for me if they go too far down the gaming route and allow unfair advantages to those riding because say they’ve unlocked some Easter Egg I’m not interested.

 I mainly joined for the live interaction with other riders and the possibility of group rides and competition. Quite frankly pedalling in a underwater tunnel with dolphins is pretty naff give me an Alpe d Huez simulation any day.

I agree that I’d tend toward the Velo Reality approach combined with the competitive aspects of Zwift, rather than a go-kart video game!

I’m too old to compete with 99% of the riders but having someone go past a bit quicker encourages me to extend myself a bit. Been riding Zwift since early December and my Suffer Scores are consistently higher even though I haven’t made any conscious commitment to training!

Not to go off topic: I have NO desire to be racing with go-carts, horses, rocket ships or Ferraris.

PLEASE. Do not make this less of a product by creating characters versus cyclists. 


My kids use the WiiU for fun. I will not pay for that experience while training.

has anyone played EQ2?

there is a /bigheads option that make all characters have large heads which looked real cartoony.

it was an option anyone could use and that’s just what they would see. if you didn’t have that option enabled, everything would be normal.

perhaps this is something Zwift could add one day in the (far) future :slight_smile:


The only way that I would support something like this would be if the end user had the ability to control what they saw on their end.  Not everyone’s idea of entertainment is the same.  If a user really wants to immerse themselves in a fantasy world, they click a box that lets them see the weirdness.  However, those users whose fantasy is more Mario Cipollini than Mario Brothers should have the option to block out the weird.

I’d like to change my rider to look like a dog and dangle a nice juicy steak in front of him.

Keep it real. The Tron bike and all that silliness belong somewhere else. 

@Lance…steak on a fishing pole…clever! ala Peter Griffen dangling a hot dog on a fishing pole in front of Chris to make him run on the treadmill.  LOL! :slight_smile:

No offense intended to the OP, but I’m going to agree with the majority here.  I’m on Zwift for a REALISTIC (or as realistic as possible) workout and training experience…not some video game for entertainment.  If I want Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, I’ll go play X-Box with my nephew.  Again…no offense intended.

Go play your Xbox and eat some popcorn…  Keep it real.

Surely there is room (from Zwift point of view) for both in the market.

While most ‘serious’ cyclists are going to opt for realist applications especially given the enhanced and more accurate data and sports science available to assist training, there is also the whole ‘fitness/entertainment’ market to be tapped into.

They could team up with an exercise bike manufacturer to come up with a product with powermeter/cadence sensors/variable resistance/ANT+ to pair with a PC or possibly consoles to allow people to ride … as long as it was the right price point.  They could easily sell it to the masses and get people bike fit.

Then they could have different tracks, loop the loops, mario kart, whatever but it would have to be 2 different products completely.

I agree, I am here to train when I cannot ride outdoors, I want a experience that will improve my riding in the real world. In fact, I agree with the rider above, I think some of Watopia is a bit too goofy for my tastes. 

First complete the cyclists:

  • Taller cyclists

  • Older ones

  • More helmets

  • more bikes

Or allow mods in order to community expanding the graphical part. 

I’m going to have add my vote against the idea of avatars other than cyclists.  I use Zwift for training / and or riding when the weather is bad outside.  I don’t want it to be too much of a video game.

Right now, I’d say Zwift has a good balance.  I’d like to add I actually much prefer Watopia over London or Richmond.  The made up world of Watopia gives more options for a variety of terrain.  Sure it’d be fun to ride up the classic climbs of the Tour but there are plenty of programs that let you do just that.

I’d argue the competitive aspect of Zwift is way more important than whether the scenery or riders are realistic looking.  This includes the races, just knowing the rider that passed you is a real person some where, the cheesy goals like the Tron Bike, and the various leader boards.  Every person I talk to that enjoys Zwift seems to have a different one of these “competitions” that gets them motivated.  So it is good that Zwift is catering to more than just those that need group races or workouts to keep them motivated.  Just because you don’t get value out of a feature, doesn’t mean there aren’t many that do.