Does the bike affect speed?

(Christoph Kehrer) #1

Do bike and equipment (aero, carbon, wheels, helmet, etc.) have any impact on the calculated speed in Zwift?

For example - am I faster on the aero bike on a flat with same power than with the carbon bike?



(Gerrie Delport) #2

O yes, it does make a difference. as you ride more you will get better bikes and wheels.


(Christoph Kehrer) #3

Hi Gerrie! 

Thanks for you reply! I know that the Zwift bonus system offers “presents” for your avatar, when you ride more. 

But I wanted to know, if these gadgets effect the avatar’s speed in Zwift. So is my avatar faster on the aero bike with the same power I produce on the carbon bike? 

(Gerrie Delport) #4

Yes, the gadgets does affect speed.

(Paul Allen) #5

Here is a link to some articles about bikes on zwiftblog:


(Christoph Kehrer) #6

Thanks Paul!

That was what I was looking for. I just did the forum search with the wrong keywords - and not the obvious ones…