Equipment advantages?

(K.C. Race3R) #1

Does any of the equipment … Sat Zwift Carbon bike vs Zwift Steel bike give the rider any speed advantages on Watopia?  Thanks.   

(Ben Crone) #2

I think it does (it was mentioned before that the frames would soon have different weights) but i hope it doesn’t. I think it would be boring if everyone ends up riding around using the same kit, because it’s the ‘best’.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

The bikes have slightly different weights, probably close to what you’d expect, so if your only goal is having a virtual KOM for 45 glorious minutes then pick what you think is the lightest stuff.    

Ben, fortunately or unfortunately cycling is heavily influenced by fashion and fad, so just like in the real world I suspect we’ll still see all the various bikes out there in their full glory.   Besides, some parts of the world may only be open to specific bikes in the future or there may be downtube-shifter bikes only races.   I think it’ll be fine.