Does it matter which in game bike I choose?

Hi all,

I’ve recently started Zwifting and loving it. Mixing it up with riding and running. Half way through 6 week FTP builder.

I am using a Hybrid Specialized Crosstrail sport on a btwin inride 100 trainer with cadence and speed sensors on the bike and galaxy watch transmitting as heart rate monitor.

Does it matter which in game bike I choose? Current choice is mountain bike as I assumed matching it close as possible would be the way to go.

Plan is to upgrade to a smart trainer when stocks replenish where I am, and probably get a road bike after the summer.

Different bikes have different weights and are different amounts of “aero”. So if you want fast in game then don’t go mtb unless it’s on the dirt (where mtb is faster) but if you want to look like you are riding a mtb then go for it. Xp is given in part based on distance covered so it’s an advantage in terms of xp to go a faster bike.

Zwiftinsider has a buyers guide for spending drops on must have or recommended items

They also have a few articles on fastest bikes etc but I think you just need the bike to look good unless you are racing.


Also note that TT bikes don’t get the advantage of the draft.


Yes the bike matters. Notice the aero and weight ratings. Lighter climbs better, aero is better when speeeds are high, usually on flats and rolling. TT bikes are very fast but do not draft. Mountain bike is really only fast on dirt.

Take a look at Zwiftinsider where they test bike speeds on a variety of routes.

Great, thanks all for the info. I switched to an in game road bike and will give that a go.

Definitely not bothered regarding the bikes looks, I just want to get as close to reality as possible to guage my level and monitor improvements.

Thanks again for the advice. Great forum.