Best Bike for Harrogate course

For UCI Harrogate course - what’s the best/ fastest bike choice? I’m 82kg so I always like to find any excuse I can to break out the Meilenstein Lightweights/ Tarmac Pro combo… but looking at the course profile on ZwiftPower, I can also see how the Tron Bike might be faster for drafting the semi-flat Harrogate sections and the steep descents.

Or is it a middle of the road weight/aero balance that would be fastest?? Again, for the Harrogate course specifically.

Picture of Harrogate elevation here:

Look at for the fastest Frames and Wheels.
The fastest Combo should be Specialized Venge S-Works with Zipp 858/Super9 Wheels.
But Cervelo S5 with 858/Super9 should also be a little bit faster than the Tron.
But the Tron is always a good choice, except for the Alpe.

With 787 feet of climbing in 8 miles, the Zipp 858/Super 9 disc combo won’t fair well. According to Zwift Insider ( ) that wheelset is the worst for climbing.

For the Bologna course I raced it twice, once with the Tron Bike and once with the Trek Emonda/ Meilenstein Lightweight wheelset … and my time for with the Trek/ Lightweights was much faster. Even though that course only has 2k length climb, it’s steep climbing and the finish line ends on the hill. And the aeroness (or lack of) with that set-up didn’t matter as much cause I was in a draft pack.

I agree with Bobby - Trek Emonda and if you’ve not got Meilensteins, then the Zipp 808s are a good choice.

Eric has a new post on wheels and frames for those of us under Level 30, albeit its for flat and rolling courses, so debatable whether it applies to Yorkshire.

I’ll ride it with my allrounder, Cervelo S5 with Zipp 454.
This Combo should be quite aero but also not too heavy.

If you (or someone) can’t buy it yet, the Specialized Allez Sprint with the Zipp 404 should also be a good allround combo and available at level 15. I rode this a long time before i reached level 25.

I only change to Cannondale EVO with Meilensteins when I ride big climbs, like the Alpe, Innsbruck KOM or Epic KOM.

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