Tour of Watopia Kit Accidentally Bleached in Laundry?

(David Kindler (MitB)) #1

Maybe the delay in the unlock is they improperly washed all those kits after the stage race… thousands to handle, so must have been a big job!   Or, bleach and now they must be re-ordered.  And you know how long it takes to get custom kit made at the launch of race season :slight_smile:

(B Knapp9616) #2

David_ Likewise I don’t have the kit. Why don’t Zwift put out a general post to advise re the delay in the unlock? [By the way you commented on my Tour position in a separate posting you made day or two ago. In fact I ended up 3593 so only just ahead of you after all. My overall tour time was only 1min 11s less than you; the diff is really ‘in the noise’.]

Ride On!.

(David Felipe Garcia) #3

I am waiting for mine too!

Why they don’t say anything about it?

(Phil Clarke) #4

There was another forum post which indicated the Zwift team is working through the results and should have the jerseys in place by the end of the week.

I noticed last night that my jersey had shown up.  However, there was no indication of new equipment as you might see for other items.  I just happened to scroll all the way to the end of my jerseys, and the ToW jersey was there.

Ride on!

(David Kindler (MitB)) #5

My kit was also at the far right side of the available jerseys!   Worth the effort!!!

(Marcello Gottardo PACK) #6

Still waiting for my kit. Good lesson for patience :wink:

(Stacy Mallard (C) ) #7

Waiting for mine as well!

(Stacy Mallard (C) ) #8

Waiting for mine as well!

(Mike Brooks [BRT] ZHR F) #9

well mine disappeared, i logged in with my Ipad and there it was, went to see it on my Macbook and it has disappeared. I never even got a chance to show it off. :frowning:

(Jade Waits) #10

Hi David!

We’re a bit backed up at the laundromat, but I can assure you the kits are on their way to being unlocked for all deserving riders :slight_smile:

Please scroll through all customization options available, to ensure that the kit has not manifested. You can also try logging in and out prior to checking things out. If you’re still not seeing the kit in a few days, you can always open a ticket with us  so that we can verify your activities, and get your wardrobe updated!

Ride On!

(Mike Brooks [BRT] ZHR F) #11

To be fair I raised a ticket and it was all sorted out within a few hours.