Watopia Kit - again

(B. COMBS*343*) #1

Ok Zwift… first the Watopia Kit would be available after all the make ups were complete… said should have kits out by Monday.  Then it was "kits will be out by Friday May 4th… It’s Friday 2100 hours PDT and still no kit…Would some one please provide a straight answer?  The run around is getting old.   Thanks

(Rob Lines, Tri-Anglia) #2

Tour of Watopia kit for completing all 7 stages?

Good to know that I’m not the only person missing this from my customisation panel.

Missed fanfare opportunity at the end of the 7th stage.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to it eventually arriving and to completing future challenges.

Sun has arrived now in the UK, so may well be zwifting a little less as the excuses to ride inside rather than outside dry up. 

(Zee Kryder) #3

Generally, a new kit comes ‘delivered’ with an update. if they have one or two other things to attach to the update, then the date can get pushed back. But soon.

(Steve Ellis) #4

I did not have an in-game “new kit” prompt, but I did have the kit.

Per Zwift, "how to find your new jersey:

  •  Log in to Zwift and get your avatar on the road.
  •  Choose “Menu” at the bottom left of the your screen.
  •  Select the “Customize” icon on the right side of the menu.
  • The “Tour of Watopia” jersey is at the end of the kit carousel. Use the arrow keys or press “T” on PC/Mac, slide with your finger on iOS, or arrow keys on the Apple TV remote control."


(David K) #5

No worries, Bill.

I verified all of your Stages for completion and everything looks great. I’m not certain why our automated system didn’t take care of your kit, but I’ve added a new kit request for you. I’ll need to create an email follow-up ticket for you that I’ll be holding onto until I can verify the kit has been delivered.

You’ll be hearing from us soon!

(B. COMBS*343*) #6

Thank you David i really appreciate your help.

(. Bath Salts (91Kg) (EV) C/B) #7

Tour of Watopia kit,  Me to I need help with the unlocking of it as well. did all 7 stage.

(Homer Slippers) #8

I didn’t get kit either after completing.

(Chip Chip) #9

I have also completed and still do not have the kit


(Thomas Wiebe) #10

I have also completed and did not get the kit.

(🚴👟 🍻oldSAP) #11

same here no kit in sight

(Marcello Gottardo PACK) #12

Me too, still waiting for the kit (completed all 7 stages)…

(Guido Aversa) #13

G. Aversa - I am also still waiting for Watopia kit - I checked and is not in the carousel

(Lynette Curtiss) #14

I am still waiting for the kit as well.

(Eric Fung) #15

Like others, I haven’t received the kit yet. Thanks.

(🚴👟 🍻oldSAP) #16

got mine! went to customize, chose t-shirt icon, continually pressed left arrow key to scroll through the jerseys, found it.

(Philipp Klähn) #17

Hey Guys, 

I’m still missing the kit to. Rode every stage -> https://zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=442679




(Scott Von Ribs) #18



I’m also missing the kit. If I could get help that would be great.,




(Peter Host) #19

Why did not I get a reward from Zwift - Tour of Watopia. I went through all 7 stages.


(Marcello Gottardo PACK) #20

I got mine yesterday, a few hours after having opened a support ticket.