Tour de Zwift jersey outside group ride

I was riding in Watopia this evening and several riders at different times passed me wearing Tour de Zwift jerseys. I thought the stage was in New York tonight and that riders who completed all 9 stages would get their jerseys in February. So what gives?

Mine was in my closet last night after finishing stage 9.

Well, I was also riding today with Tour de Zwift jersey, received it after finishing the last 9’th tour.
By the way, why not create a real Tour de Zwift jersey and sell it on ?
For 2019 it is probably already too late, but there is still time for business planning and future opportunities for Tour de Zwift 2020 ; )

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Glad you didn’t have to wait for the jersey. Timing just didn’t work out for me to be able to complete all the stages. And having the make up days over the weekend doesn’t work out either.

I finished my final stage this morning, and so far nothing…

Mine was in the closet yesterday - but was all black when I put it on. Maybe it’ll turn the right color after being exposed to virtual sunlight.

Received an e-Mail on Feb 28 telling me that my Tour de Zwift kit had arrived, and where to find it. Have still not found it in my closet. :rage:

You should submit a ticket to Zwift Support:

Have done so and waiting for a reply.

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