Tour of Watopia Cycling 2022 FAQ

Are these routes 1 or 2 laps? It’s saying 2 laps but the distances and elevation information is for one lap, which is it please so I can plan my rides

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It depend on what route you choose. For stage one:

If using the companion app to find events, it is very clearly labled how many laps per category. Remember that the categories refer to route and distance, not speed or w/kg for this tour.

Thanks, that’s cleared things up.

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We have some reports of XP not crediting at all for Tour of Watopia Stage 1 events. If you’re experiencing that please check in on this thread

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So what is the proper way to enter the event? Start a free ride and wait for the prompt? I thought that was getting people into trouble with the bug. Can I enter from the Companion App? My first event on Zwift.

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  1. Sigh up for event in companion app.
  2. Open Zwift 10 min before the event start
  3. Pick any world and start riding.
  4. Wait for popup (should appear 30min before the event)
  5. Click lets go.
  6. Wait in start pen.
  7. Enjoy the ride.
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Er, thanks for the cap but why can’t I take it off?

Edit: had to go back to the home screen. Worked then.

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There’s definitely a snafu with the emails coming out of The Team at Zwift at the moment. I’ve mentioned elsewhere getting the stage 1 congratulations email 24 hours after completing it (accompanied by another for riding up the Alpe and another for getting the Concept Z1 bike :man_facepalming:).
Tonight I did another stage 1 ride (my fifth) and got the stage 1 email again, this time just a few seconds after I’d crossed the line.
More housekeeping needed, methinks.

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Yup, we’re aware. That team switched to a new software platform and it’s baby burping. Sorry for the confusion.


I don’t understand why Zwift cannot schedule at least one weekend day for each ToW event. I looked through the schedule for the next couple months and ride 4 never happens on a weekend. I guess Zwift thinks ALL of their customers are either retired or don’t work the usual M-F 8-5 and with other thing in life just cannot block out time during the week.

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The catch up week will have it on a weekend day.


That’s what I thought as well, but after looking out a couple months, it’s not scheduled. Maybe they will, but the point is also still valid. There isn’t any good reason each ride couldn’t run for 7 days instead of just 5.

Gary (HoggleW) is referring to the make-up period that runs Tuesday 29 March to Sunday 3 April, as mentioned in the first post of this thread. Those rides haven’t been scheduled into the calendar yet, which is also normal at this stage of a Zwift tour, but there will almost certainly be some stage 4 rides sometime over that weekend during your time zone’s day time.

Fair enough, not everyone has the chance to ride whenever they want (I certainly don’t either), but during the tours there is a stage ride every single hour over a four-day period, plus there’s the six-day make-up period. This tour covers almost four weeks. I can imagine that Zwift also want to avoid such events becoming stale by being all over the place for that long.

In the bigger scheme of things, missing out on a digital badge, kit, points or whatever is surely small potatoes. If you cannot schedule a ride over any of the four days of stage 4, maybe be happy that your life is filled with more meaningful things outside of a video game.


I think the vast majority of users can find more than 1 or 2 hours a week to ride and train on Zwift. I work full time, have two young kids that are both into sports and lots of after school activities, and I can easily manage 4 to 5 hours a week. Not to be rude, but looking at your picture you are much older than me, so assume if you have kids they are much older than mine. I’m sure you can find time if you really wanted to. Part of these special events include the challenge of getting all the stages done in a short time period, like the IRL bike races and tours.


Damn, stepped right in the trapdoor. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Finished first Event (everything went well) with 3mins to go for the next start. Clicked to join Event instead of Save, Exit and rejoin and Bang, no XP at all… Third event I got it right and received XP as intended.

Good to see that I can regain over 130 places on Volcano climb. :biking_man: :dash:

Is there no way to give ride-on’s in the TOW other than manually selecting a rider from the list? There’s no circle on the map on the companion app. Seems very anti-social for a group ride not to have the standard ride-on ability.

Not currently possible in any group rides, Tim, unfortunately.
As soon as we pass the finishing line of the programmed route, the Ride-On circle returns.