Tour of Watopia Cycling 2022 FAQ

Wow, what a miss in the programming department.

Found a ToW bug. I wanted to do a double ToW this morning. So I did the first one at 6am, finished in about 58 minutes, then joined the next ToW T 7am and was at the start with a little more than a minute to spare. Rode the second Tow and got ZERO experience points! Miles clicked by, but never got any experience points (except for a couple power ups that gave +10 XP instead of a power up).

Disappointing for a double back to back 2 hour ride. Zwift, you should probably look into this. It’s from my rides on 3/12.

Others have stated that the increased load of many people banging out 5 ride-ons every ten seconds to all in sundry was the reason it was deactivated for all group rides a few years ago.


This is a known bug, identified a few days ago. There’s a dedicated thread about it.

I could see that for huge groups but I did two TOW courses today and it was very sparse after the start. But they allow ride-on’s for pace partner rides which are usually densely packed.

Attempted stage 1 twice today and both times had connection disconnected message for ride. 1st attempt lost hr, power etc but when checked everything was paired. Came off laptop as lost all other riders and used phone to be dropped back into stage almost where I had issues. When told race finished it had only registered 6.5 miles. 2nd attempt after I’d reset all equipment had same connection disconnected on screen but again power , hr etc were visible and showing. I was then u turned and sent wrong way round course with riders on opposite side of ride dropping below me in the list. I use ethernet connection so no WiFi problems. Anyone any ideas?

Small anecdote: the second after I crossed the finish line for a Stage 1 ToW ride, I saw the stage completion screen and immediately received a congratulations email from Zwift on finishing the stage.

I’ve never gotten a Mission, Challenge, or Event completion notification quite that instantaneously. Very cool.

Also: XP seemed to be creating just fine for me (+40XP per kilometer completed). Cat-A ride, got the route completion badge for “Three Little Sisters.”

Ah-ha, that’s why you can’t do that in a group ride. “I was today years old” when I learned this - thanks Roule.

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Is it true that in Stage 4 everyone will be set to the same bike?

I’d love to know this too. And why? If it’s to help newer Zwifters who might not know that it’s good to change to a gravel bike or MTB for the Jungle, aren’t most of them going to be oblivious to the change given that it’ll look just like another model of road bike? So they won’t learn anything unless there’s a big notice telling them this?


Yeah there needs to be official communication from Zwift. Seems strange to release new gravel bikes & wheels ahead of this event and not be able to use them. Good thing I didn’t buy anything in the drop shop yet.

Is late join enabled in ToW cycling and running??

Yes to both Lee.

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The pace partner rides are not as densely packed as some of the special event group rides are … although this seems to have eased a little now we have ToW events every hour on the hour. I have taken part in previous events with 6000+ riders in a single ride.

I completed stage 1 (it shows on activities) but completion ToW shows 0/5. Any known bugs?

Any chance of making the ToW events at different times? I tend to ride earlier than the scheduled events.

The events start on the hour, every hour, for 96 hours.

Edit: And welcome to the community. :slight_smile: Which event are you thinking is only later than when you like to ride?

When I checked in for “stage 1” it looked like the only events started at 7am and went through the day. It was just before 6am.

But looking at the Companion app right now, I see that I can join Stage 3 at 6:02 am tomorrow morning. Maybe I was confused - the apps are a little confusing for me. (Still don’t understand why there are two separate apps, for example.)

Think of the companion app as a remote control of sorts… it’s a “companion” to the game. The companion app is best used for sending messages during your ride, finding and signing up for events, engaging with a club if you are a member of one, finding friends and following them, giving ride-ons to others during your ride, etc…

If you were seeing times listed for stage 1 today, that’s a glitch. Stages 1 and 2 have been completed, stage 3 starts today, runs for 4 days, then same with Stage 4 and Stage 5, however after then there will be ‘make up days’ where all stages will be available for 6 days, rotating start times (eg, likely a start time for each every 5 hours). Those times will be released in due course

Well, not in game, but it can be done. Disconnect the controllable trainer in the pairing screen, load the workout into your Garmin and let the Garmin control the trainer.