Tour of Watopia Cycling 2022 FAQ

<Insert lvl 50 rant here>


Just noticed that the ToW filter in Companion\Events has been toggled on nice and early (v3.32.0, iOS). Useful when scheduling tour rides.

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Seriously guys.
A lot of us loyal Zwifters are Level 50 for quite some time.
Doing another double XP event is quite disappointing for us.


Not a fan of the double xp either. Certainly not if you do events multiple times just takes riders away from the community events for weeks while the tour is on as people do the same ToW events over and over


If I toggle TOW 2022 I overrule everything else and only see the TOW-events. Doesn’t seem intended


It seems weird, I know, but it is intentional.
Since there are so many events in the ToW (24 per day across 20+ days), this temporary filter is there to only show ToW rides and let you find the stage(s) that you’re looking for at the time you’d like.

Unlike the other EVENTS filters, it’s not an option that most riders will leave ticked throughout the ToW period, but only toggle it on when wanting to plan their ToW rides and then untoggle so that the rest of the events are visible again.
Without the ToW filter, finding rides 3 or 4 days in the future means the endless scrolling and waiting for Companion to catch up that we know and… love. :wink:

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Cant see maps on ToW :roll_eyes: in companion app

Some maps (Rebel routesÖ are not available sadly. I was able to check using Zwift Insider (searching for the route name).

Is there additional XP for completing the rebel route badges … or just a badge?

Yes, you get additional XPs for these routes.

I understand you’re saying this isn’t a race, but will results show up in Zwift Power?

They’re on ZwiftPower.

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Why doesn’t Stage 1 start until 5pm UK time, when all other stages seem to start at 7am?

Or - to put it another way - why do countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan get one evening less to complete Stage 1 than the rest of the world?

It’s a shame, because I’d be interested in riding it tomorrow morning. It was the same for the Tour de Zwift, but I can’t see a good reason why.

I’m guessing here, but that coincides with the start of the working day in ZHQ’s time zone (PST). If something goes wrong on day one, they perhaps want to be sure a full team will be available to correct the situation ASAP.

The recent problems with the first challenge/mission rides of day one (e.g. Wahoo Climbing mission) not starting properly for those well ahead of PST might have encouraged a more cautious approach. Just a guess.

So can I ride two back to back 38.4km laps of Stage 1 A-Route for 76.8km worth of double XP, or is it complete one 38.4km Route A lap and that’s the end of the event and the double XP window?

When you register for a ToW ride, you only get double XP for the duration of the route, not for whatever extra distance that you do after passing over the finish line.
HOWEVER, nothing’s stopping anyone registering and riding the same stage/route at, say, 7pm and again at 8pm.
Massive group, massive draft, very fast. Loads of XP.

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Can I ride a workout during a tour stage?

No, you can’t do a workout in a event.

Thanks. Makes sense.

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Just noticed a small issue with the ToW Events filter in Companion (iOS 15.3.1, Companion v3.33.0):

Without the ToW filter applied, if I’ve signed up for a ride I see the usual green ‘Going’ icon and the overlay showing the time until event in the Events section:

After applying the filter, the icon/overlay aren’t shown:

This doesn’t affect the appearance of the rides in Events on the front page of Companion, but it somewhat defeats the purpose of the ToW filter in the dedicated section. :wink:

Edit: am creating a separate Bugs and Support thread for this issue, with more detail