Companion Events filter for Tour of Watopia 2022 not showing 'GOING'

Note: I first posted this in the ToW FAQ: Tour of Watopia Cycling 2022 FAQ - #40 by Roule_Thoune

There’s an issue with the ToW EVENTS filter in Companion (iOS 15.3.1, Companion v3.33.0).

Without the ToW filter applied, if I’ve signed up for a ride I see the usual green ‘GOING’ icon and the overlay showing the time until event in the EVENTS section:

After applying the filter, the ‘GOING’ icon and overlay aren’t shown:

This doesn’t affect the appearance of the rides in EVENTS on the front page of Companion, but it somewhat defeats the purpose of the ToW filter in the dedicated section. :wink:

With the filter toggled on, if I go into an individual ride that I have registered for (always using Companion), there is no tick or ‘GOING’ icon there either, making it look like I’m not signed up for it.
If I then do the ‘pull down page to refresh’ gesture, the tick and icon appear at the head of the page, the chosen route also shows it is selected, and and the ride then appears in the EVENTS list with the icon and overlay (i.e. as it should).

However, if the ToW filter is then toggled off and then on again, all the ‘GOING’ icons and overlays for all ToW rides I’ve signed up for disappear again.
Please fix.

I can confirm this behavior on my phone, Android latest version.


Hi @Roule_Thoune

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve flagged up the issue to a higher technical authority on the team and I’ll be sure to update you when I have more information. Thanks again!


Hi @Roule_Thoune

I’ve heard back from the team and confirmed that we’re also able to reproduce the issue. It’s with Zwift’s developers now and they’re working on a fix.

Again, thanks so much for your efforts in reporting this and for your detailed explanation of the issue – quite helpful!