Companion app Tour filter doesn't work right

If you scroll more than a couple days with the Tour of Watopia (and Group Ride) filters selected, it starts to just reload the same few hours with each scroll attempt.

The same thing happened with the Tour de Zwift filter.

I get an error trying to upload a screenshot so see here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m not seeing this problem, but I have seen strange event search results in the past. It has always resolved when I kill the app and restart it.

Restarting doesn’t help for me.

Screenshot upload is working now. Here is another example where it is reloading the same 8 hours (it was two hours in there previous example; it always seems to go back to midnight local time 3 days out).

Also if I use the day forward right arrow instead of scrolling, the arrow just turns into the spinner forever and does nothing. Before doing that, when I scroll to where it starts repeating the hours it pauses and shows the loading spinner at the bottom as though it is getting more data from the server before then relisting the same chunk of hours. But if I use the day arrow and then start scrolling, it repeats those hours instantly with no apparent API call delays or visual indicators.

I’ve seen this same behaviour for other Tour type events. It’s not new and has been previously reported.

Bug still happening and still very annoying. Has to be trivial to fix.

Does anyone at Zwift read these forums?

That’d be more annoying than the fact iPhone didn’t even get a TofW filter this time.

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Yeah the TofW filter was not available at the beginning of the tour in IOS companion app for me either, but now that we are in the makeup week it appears to be available along with the Zwift Academy filter. Maybe someone forgot to turn it on at the beginning of the tour and did it when they turned on the ZA filter…

Another Tour of Watopia and this bug is of course still present. Still no indication from anyone at Zwift that they have even seen this thread.