Tour of Watopia - Add to calendar

I’ve noticed that when I register for a Tour of Watopia event through the website,

it offers the option to “Add to calendar”;

however, when it’s pushed nothing happens. When I then go to the event I registered for in the CA, it shows the calendar and clock icons grayed out indicating that they have not been selected.

After selecting them, it allows you to add the date and time to your calendar and set the reminder minutes plus choose the settings as default. After completing this - the event does show up on my calendar like normal.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I just planning way too far in advance?

Which calendar are you using?

I’ve just done it via ZAC and it goes straight to the standard Google calendar on my Android phone but not to my Outlook calendar.

Hey @Run.10K.Every.Day, I’m also using Google calendar. Like it sounds for you, when I scroll out into the future using the ZCA It adds just fine. It’s when I try to schedule it directly even further out in the events using The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App (below). That’s where I’m talking about “Add to calendar” not working.

PS I wish you all the best in conquering your 10K Every Day in 2023 adventure, I hope you crush it!

So i just tried it that way and that way it gives me the option of which calendar to save to.

Chose Google and it then creates the event like you would do manually.
Saved it and its there.

So it works for me.

Doing it through ZCA is much quicker though.

Thanks for the kind words and support.

Long way to go to reach my challenge but so far so good.

Hmmm - maybe it’s an Apple iOS problem since it works for you on an Android. I’ll sit tight and hopefully someone with an iPhone or iPad will chime in.

I have issues with events being added to the calendar when I go to on my mac and join an event. But if I go to the Companion app afterwards, un-join the event and then rejoin it (ie, tap the “+” twice) it gets added to the iOS Calendar app.

In iOS, I find that if I give FULL ACCESS to my calendar, it can add events. However, if I select ADD EVENTS ONLY then the event does not show up in my iOS calendar. This is quite frustrating. Is there a better workaround? I believe Full Access gives Zwift the ability to see all the details of all my calendar entries, which seems nuts.