Add to calendar not working

When I signed up for a race as part of Academy, the add to calendar function didn’t respond. And nothing was added to my calendar. Is this going to show up tomorrow when I log on for the race? I don’t see the race in the list of events. What am I missing?

Yes you are signed up for the race. If you are warming up before the race the system will keep inviting you to Join Event until you accept the invite.

Don’t worry about the calendar - IMO that has nothing to do with the race sign up.

I’m not sure where you are looking to check that you are signed up for the race. You should find your entry on the Zwift Companion App and also on your ZwiftPower account under the signups option on your profile page.

Thank you for your response. Yesterday when I signed up, I was looking forward a calendar entry like every other event that I sign up for. That’s not working. Today when I opened Companion, the race was listed under events like usual. But it’s still not on my calendar. And on the signup page , it’s showing on the right side is screen next to Join. This is confusing and seems like a bug.