ToW event filter broken

I wanted to see only ToW events in companion, but if you select the filter check box for ToW 2022, and no other event types, the Apply Filters button is grayed out. (I started with no filter applied.) then I tried selecting ToW 2022 and Time Trials, and the filter can be applied but no events are found.

I think you need to have Group Ride toggled.

The way this works seems very weird to me. Normally if you select more than one type, it appears to select all events where the type is any of the selected types (types are ORed). But if you select ToW 2022 along with some other types, it selects all events where the type is any of the selected types AND ToW 2022. The filter interface doesn’t explain this difference - it appears that ToW 2022 is just another type like the others.

I think it’s handled better on the Android App. It separates the toggles for ToW and the rest of the event types.


Yes, that’s a more logical presentation of how the filter operates.

It’s strange that the GUIs are different, given that all the visual elements involved seem to be available on Android and in iOS. It’s almost as if the Android and iOS developing teams (or individuals?) don’t work together, or that there’s no one making sure that the production versions are in line with each other.

That’s much clearer. RideOns to the Android team.