Avatar kit issue

Unable to change head gear or shoes after completing a ToW stage without logging out and back on again. Windows 11.

Same on Win 10. Seems to be a quirk of the 2022 ToW set-up.

Hi @M.tch and @Roule_Thoune

I’m sure you’re seasoned veterans of Zwift but just to confirm, can you verify that your avatar is stationary (e.g. you’re not pedaling in-game) when you’re attempting to change out items from your Garage? As I understand it, many items cannot be changed while one’s avatar is actively moving.

Otherwise, the issue seems buggy. I’ve flagged up the issue to the team for more info. I’ll update you here on the Forums once I know more. Thanks!

I noticed it first after a ToW stage 3 ride, if I recall correctly.
After completing the ToW ride but still in Watopia, the ToW shoes and cap (which – perhaps uncoincidentally – are items that are unlocked in stages 1 and 3) refused to change on my avatar (absolutely stationary), despite me going into the Garage and trying to select my items of preference. Same experience as illustrated in @M.tch 's screenshots.
Only by ending the ride and getting back to the home screen was I able to have my avatar wearing what I wanted.

I won’t be doing any more 2022 ToW rides, so can’t retest. I do remember that @Dave_ZPCMR made a post about this issue happening quite early on, too, but I can’t find it right now.

Edit: P.S. As far as I know, the only items that cannot be changed while the avatar is moving are the frame and wheels.

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Thanks @Roule_Thoune and @Dave_ZPCMR !

I’ll reference that other Forums thread as well as I flag this up to the team. Again, I’ll update you when I know more. Thanks again!