Tour of New York jersey avatar not showing up in closet


(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #1

Tour of New York avatar not showing up in closet

(Maarten Geijsberts) #2

Did jou ride all the 5 stages and recieved a confermation mail?

(Nigel ) #3

Wearing mine after receiving the following email.

Tour of New York - No Kit Received
(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #4

Yes, received the email information that Jersey is in my closet, but it’s not there

(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #5

(Sean Speck) #6

FYI: I’m also having the same issue. Completed all 5 stages, received the Email saying it was in my closet, but it does not show up. I submitted a support ticket and they said they could see I was in the mass entitlement list and I should have the kit. After sharing a screenshot/video showing the missing kit, they said it should now show up in the next couple of days. I don’t quite understand how it’s not an immediate fix, but crossing fingers that it shows up eventually.

(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #7

This is un-acceptable!

(Sean Speck) #8

Ronnie, a heads up that my kit did show up today, and the support team was very helpful. If you don’t have yours yet, I’d open a support ticket. Ride On!

(Paul Wakeford) #9

Hi,. also no ToNY kit here, and no email. This happened with the Tour of Oz too and Vincent in Support sorted it out. I emailed support 5th November - no reply. Can someone from Zwift Support take a look please?

(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #10

Sean, they sent a message today that it was in my closet today. I’ll have to check it,

(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #11

Yep, it’s there and all of my new kit from other group shows up, 5 new kit in total!.Paul email the support team again, they will sort it out for you!


(Mike Squillace) #12

I have numerous email to support still no New York Jersey. Not exactly sure how to correct.

(Tyler Smith) #13

Same issue here. Email received, not in the closet.

(Roni Taryela (POBRE)) #14

Try this!..go to menu to customized the avatar, if you have new kit, don’t just hit arrow to look for the kit but instead drag the mouse past the unlocked sign up to the very end. It should be there if there is.

(Tyler Smith) #15

Tried this, just can’t seem to find it. It might be a lost cause at this point

(Vincent) #16

Not a lost cause! Checking in on your account and will get this sorted out.

Edit #2: Your kit has been credited, let me know if it shows up! @Tyler_Smith

(Tyler Smith) #17

Thanks for the response. Still can’t seem to find it. Am I looking in the wrong place?

(Kelly Takemoto) #18

I have been out of town and just rode today. My tour of NY kit still has not shown up. I don’t have the confirmation email anymore.

As of 12/6 still nothing. Cannot even enter a support request as it hangs in the “complete” stage.

(James Guerrieri) #19

Same issue here. I received the email but no kit. No big deal but I rode every stage so I would like to see if it’s possible to get it. Thanks!

(Melanie Rudolph) #20

I just checked mine as well. I don’t have the jersey and I completed all 5 stages of the New York tour. Has Zwift contacted any of you that do not have it?