Tour De Zwift Stage 8 crashing upon save

I’ve ridden the TDZ stage 8 twice now and both times it has crashed as I am saving the ride (apple TV setup). The data makes it to Strava and I see it in the activity feed. Zwift even asks if I want to resume when I go back in (of course I say yes…) but I still am not getting the TDZ credit.

I’ve written to Zwift support multiple times about this with no reply. Has anyone ever received a response from Zwift for a technical problem? Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the credit for the stage that I have now ridden twice? Sigh.


They do respond, eventually, most times.

The value of the responses, however, varies. As to your question, only Zwift knows the answer to.

Well they replied overnight and were able to get me sorted out. Yay!

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This has been a somewhat common issue with TDZ this year, and It’s not exclusive to Stage 8. I had it happen to me on the Stage 6 run and my gf had it happen to her on the Stage 7’ride and the Stage 8 run. Zwift’s canned response is that they’ll look into it, but give no assurances you’ll get credit for the event. Should be easy enough for them to see you were registered for the event at a certain time, abs that you did the distance and that others you rode with got credit for the event. From this happening multiple times this year, the only things I could deduce were (i) stay in the world after the event, don’t leave right away, and (ii) continue riding for a little bit (20-30 secs) after electing to “Stay Here” before saving. Might be coincidental, but since doing this, haven’t had any more save errors.

Thanks @Chris_Wolf_Team_Z - The two times it happened I was rushing out of zwift after the ride. I’ll give your tip a try next time and hopefully avoid any problems.