Crash while Saving Tour for All Stage 3

I had just finished Stage 3 Short ride this morning (9:01am EST) and when I went to save the ride, the screen froze. I opened Zwift companion and it does not note that I completed the stage. The ride is marked some two miles short and when I look at the activity it says it can get partial data and doesn’t mark it as a Tour for All ride. I would like to credit for this ride. Please help. I am on a Mac OS 10.14.4.

Same happened to me yesterday, completed the Stage 3 Ride, (managed to take a screen shot of the end of the ride going under the end of route banner), got the route badge and confirmation i’d completed the stage displayed, but Zwift crashed when saving it, restarted Zwift and it asked if i wanted to continue where i was, it then saved ok but as a normal NYC ride. No Route Badge, No Tour Confirmation and No Drops for the ride either. ride done on ipad for me…

Yes, I lost all the perks as well— got a notice that my FTP went up at the end of the ride but it wasn’t reset when I opened the app back up and I didn’t get all the XP miles or group event points. Did you reach out to tech support?

Been having this problem the past two days, started after completing stage 3 of the tour which eventually saved ok, but only after my Mac froze for ages!

Since then every ride I do isn’t saving properly, only partial files. Ive tried my Mac and iPhone with the same result.

I have emailed tech support, will keep you posted

i did send a message but i’ve heard nothing back. will try emailing them today. completed the ceramic speed challenge this morning and although i’ve got the kit the mileage hasn’t updated so i’m wondering if theres something gone a bit wrong since the 12th… i’ll let you know if i get anywhere

have you got credit for completing the Stage then John?

yeah, I got credit for the stage 3 tour for all, but it took a very long time for Zwift to save and exit, 10-15mins of being frozen. Since then my rides are not saving

Thats odd. My Ipad reset Zwift, and i got the pop up ‘Do you want to resume your ride’, i wonder if i’d said no to that i wouldn’t have this issue? i’ve ridded since with no issue (apart from todays miles not being updated on the Ceramic speed dashboard…). lets hope the team sort this out quickly…

Hi Brian and John,
I emailed Zwift about 24 hours ago but have not heard back. The good news is that I just completed a ride on Mac laptop and it saved and exited the normal way. The bad news is that I still haven’t gotten credit for Stage 3. I don’t really have room in my workout plans to redo it, so if Zwift tech doesn’t find a way to credit it, I probably won’t complete the tour.

Hi Lebasi

This has also happened to a friend from work too… he carried on riding after the route was complete and that didnt give him the credit either…

i’m going to redo the Stage tonight (as like you i dont have much free time and have to ride when i can - and those times don’t really fit with the Tour Ride Times :frowning: so i fear that the catch up dates wont work for me!)

I managed to find the screen captures (strangely on my phone not ipad) which show clearly that i completed it and the Drops value - and because i’m real sad I kept a log of all achievements, Route Badges, Drops and XP points so i can plan my rides to get the achievement/route badges and bikes/wheels most effectively so i now know how many i missed out on!! (i like data what can i say…)

I used the chat function but i’ve not heard anything from Tech support yet either, other than the automated message saying they’d get back to me…so a new email is now on its way…

*Hi Brian, *

*Thanks for reaching out to us! *

*We’ve received your email and look forward to speaking with you! Unfortunately, due to our high volume our response may be delayed but we will definitely get back to as quickly as we can. *

*In the meantime, have you checked out our Community Forums ( Your question might already have an answer there! *

*We look forward to connecting and thank you for your patience! *

- Your Friendly Neighborhood Zwift Support Team

if only we had a username to tag to get this picked up for us.

Just need Zwift support to fix this as the two images definatley show the ride completed.

I assume it would be weeks before they get back to you. If you email them again you get put back at the bottom of the pile so don’t do that. I don’t think I have ever heard of them recrediting drops/xp etc but I have seen them Mark stages complete before.

thanks Ben.

Unfortunately I’ve sent the mail already… so i’m back to the bottom of the pile… i’m redoing the stage again tonight so hopefully it’ll save correctly this time and i’ll get the stage credit and route badge. If i don’t get the stage credit tonight then i’ll be pretty p****d off as that will be 2 hours of riding (technically) for nothing in the game. I guess its still 2 hard hours of training so you have to look on the bright side!

i’ll keep you all posted as to what (if anything) happens on this.


Make sure to restart your device before starting the ride. Also check that Zwift is not open on any other device. If you used/installed zwift on any other device be sure to restart that device as well.

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