Tour de Zwift Stage 1 glitchy?

What device are you running Zwift on. I am not aware of a update.

There was an update overnight. Just no post from Zwift about it.

Gerrie, there are reports, that in the first stage with the 11k riders, one Zwifter with an ATV had problems and another Zwifter with an ATV had no problems. I donˋt think the AppleTV is the bottleneck.
As far as I know, Zwift is hosted on AWS Server, but exclusively in North America. Maybe it would improve the situation, if Zwift would run server in Europe?

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It’s not. Just a small patch as follows: “Fixed a bug that would cause some users to crash in the pairing screen when other Bluetooth devices were nearby.”

Per this link there seems to be updates today (entered that way because this forum is not permitting me to post a link)
forums. zwift. com

looks like Mac, Apple TV and iOS only

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tvOS (Apple TV) too.

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Thanks @Mike_Rowe1

O yes that patch for the blue tooth.

Hi Gerrie,

I am running Zwift on a Macbook. The update of the 28th Dec was already installed so it was not that one.

Cheers, Andy.

The issue (aka “feature”) was not exclusive to Europe. I am in the Boston area and had the fun happen on the first ride but have done the A and B rides since with no issue.

No post from Zwift for anyone to notice though, just an edit of the latest version numbers. Not exactly an easy thing to notice. Not even the sub-par edit of the last update post like we’re used to - again, not something easy to notice without at least a reply from Zwift to that post.

But then we know that communication isn’t Zwift’s strong point.


Absolutely. It’s just jaw-dropping to me that after all the problems with the latest rounds of updates they would post another version with no obvious announcement in the forum. It should be standard practice to post the update and at the same time start a new pinned thread with the date and update number in the thread title, explain inside what it was fixing, and asking for people to post problems.

It’s not just that communication is so bad, it’s that it gets called out constantly, they (sometimes) belatedly apologize, but then persist with the silent treatment. It would require so little effort to improve and show they understand we are paying customers who deserve better.


I rode stage 1 this morning and had a great zwift experience minus a complete lack of power in my legs. My computer handled the crowds with no issues thankfully. Only 1500 in our field though, a far cry from the 10k fields most of the issues are coming from.

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I’m “riding” in the 17:00 GMT 6th Jan ride now and its appalling. The last big ride I did like this was Haute Route last year and I thought I’d give Zwift the benefit of the doubt as lockdown was new and they probably didn’t expect the volume of users.
Here we are, a year later and they still haven’t coughed up for decent infrastructure. How many users have paid their subscription in the last 12 months? Must be thousands!

Today’s experience- it’s 5.23 pm I’ve therefore been riding for 23 mins, and my game clock says 6:02 mins
There are 2367 users attempting this particular TdZ Stage 1 event

I rode at 21:00 last night, Category B Standard Ride (7p eastern time US). No issues at all.
Regular good Zwift experience for me. There were 1,000+ signed up, but only 834 actually in the pens at the start (400+ reported on ZwiftPower).

No detailed results on ZwiftPower yet. Just the summary results without 1,5,20 power numbers for example.

I’m sorry to hear about the others with a poor experience.

I rode today at 11.00 cet, 3rd attempt, no problem at all, managed to finished TDZ stage 1​:+1::+1::+1::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Just given up on the 6pm ride - only 1100 in the event but Zwift decides to show all other riders on the London course! <1 fps. Have ridden events with 1000’s in before with no issue beyond the first couple of minutes lag. This TdZ is next level shambles.


Interesting. I had a really good ride on the London 6pm (GMT) and finished at the third attempt. As above, one of those failures was my battery and nothing to do with these issues. The only strangeness I saw was two occasions when the entire bunch I was riding with vanished, leaving me riding alone. The first time I thought I’d taken a wrong turning or something. However, they were back in a second or two. That’s far preferable to everything slowing down, if it’s a new way of dealing with load issues. Otherwise, really good ride. Hopefully, I’ve finally earned the jersey :slight_smile:

Some riders were still in the jersey after the finish. I don’t know if some people are doing the events twice, and so wearing the jersey by right throughout. No reason why they shouldn’t, of course.

Edit: no jersey yet. I hope they’ve made enough to go round :slight_smile:


Could we stop pretending that there is no issue zwift vm side, please?
I enter rides with hundreds of riders and it works flawlessly (no rendering issues). Yet, the big events (over 1000s riders) are inevitably bad for me. Tonight I saw riders cutting corners and riding through buildings. I was given about 15f/min tonight. Zwift need to look at the AWS utilization stats and stop pretending there’s no issue.


I’m going to ride the Stage 1 Long Event tomorrow morning at 5am PST and see how it goes. I’ve got a dedicated Dell workstation desktop with an Intel I7-6700 CPU and a Nvidia GPX1060TI GPU connected to the internet with AT&T fiber with 1gb up and down. That’s probably about as optimized as possible especially being in California fairly close to the servers that run Zwift. Film at eleven.