Tour De Zwift caused phone to overheat

I was really enjoying stage 1 of Tour De Zwift but about 16k in I got a message on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to say my phone was overheating and Zwift would shut down in 20s, it duelly did!! To say I was annoyed was an understatement. It’s been bug free for 3 months up until this point. It’s the first group ride I have taken part in so can only assume the amount of riders caused the GPU to overheat. Really disappointed.

Hey Scott, sorry to hear your phone has been overheating! Can you try using the battery optimizer setting? Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. This will stop apps from working in the background even when you’re off of your phone.

Vincent, thanks for the advice. I’ll give stage 2 a try in a few days and give this a try. Thank you.

I have a galaxy so too. Battery usage is set to optimized and my phone overheated in the first 10 min.