Zwift caused device overheat

Was Zwifting this evening when the Zwift App closed because of overheating. Device overheat has happened twice recently and both times Zwift was running. Was running Zwift and Deezer. Deezer alone or Deezer with another app does not cause overheating. So must be something with Zwift. Phone is Samsung S8… Please see screenshot message attached.

I might agree with this as today I was on Zwift trying to do 100km ride for my september grand fondo. Unfortunately for me the apps crash just a few more km to 100km and it does not connect to all my sensors. Even I tried to remove the battery and put it back on.

In the end I end the ride and save it. then restart Zwift its back to business :lol:.

So my question is yes maybe overheating on the smartphone are common but is there any chances for Zwift to have that resume mode as most of the Zwifter’s are paying users. Maybe it so much to ask but as a well known virtual platform I bet this can be consider as one of the privilege’s. It just so frustrating when it happen just before the target distance.

Depending on how it crashes you do get an option to resume. The set criteria for this I’m not so sure.

I’ve done it a few times.

I can imagine for those completing 3HR plus rides that phones can get pretty hot.

That said we’d have more reports of this so I think it could be a localised problem. Perhaps take it out of a case if its in one.
My phone is mounted in front of mine but has a fan behind it blowing cold air onto me and thus the phone is in direct line of sight of this.

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