Smart phone over heating

I use a Kyocera phone with android version 9.
I updated Zwift on 6/5/21 then opened Zwift to check that it would run without a problem.
My phone started getting hotter and hotter.
I closed Zwift and it still got hot.
Programs ,such as Google maps, started having errors.
I restarted the phone and put it in the freezer for 5 min and it seems fine.
I have not restarted Zwift.

Has over heating phones been a problem with Zwift?
I had to put my laptop on a cooling pad.

Which world were you on?

I was on Japan.

That doesn’t surprise me. Could be totally unrelated but that world is massively demanding on the CPU and GPU on a PC (much more than all the others), so if it’s the same principle on your phone I’m not surprised it’s heating up the SoC really quickly. Try Watopia and see if the same happens.