Using iphone with zwift phone gets HOT!

So I am using an iPhone 6s to run Zwift and it sure does get hot with a one hour ride. I am wondering if it would get better with a newer version of iPhone, and what other users experiences are with this issue?

(I did a search and didn’t find anything here on this topic)

I only use my iPhone for the Zwift Companion App and it never gets hot. I did use it a few time a long time ago and I don’t remember it getting hot then either.

Are you running any other apps in the background on the iPhone and is it fully up to date?

I am using an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.1.4

No, I always make sure all other apps are closed before I use it.
It is fully updated and running on 12.1.4

I thought it was because I was using HDMI output to my TV, but I used it the other day just to shop in the drop shop without it being connected to TV output and it got hot pretty quickly just from running zwift without riding.

That sounds like something is not right.

I would suggest hooking your iPhone up to a computer, do an encrypted backup and wipe and reload/restore the phone to see if that makes it any better.

By doing an encrypted backup it will save all of your passwords and make it much easier to restore it.

Simply lower the screen brightness, that should help a lot. I do not think it’s an issue with Zwift, but rather a phone problem when running graphics for extended time.

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The issue of phone getting hot is also happening with me as well and the module is not working properly on mu iPhone and the thing is that it has also effected the ios accessibility and I am getting iTunes error 9 because of that.

Thanks for the help guys. I did lower the brightness all the way down and though it is still hotter than I would like, it is better and I don’t feel like it is damaging my phone.

Tommy, you might want to try that as well, and make sure all other apps are closed in background.

But I would like to know from users with newer iphones than 6s, if this is something that would be eliminated with a newer version iPhone?

I’m running an iPhone 7 with the HDMI out (to an HDMI-DVI cable) and find it doesn’t get as hot as it did when I ran Zwift without a power connection… but then my phone is also in the airflow of my fan.

When I first started using Zwift in January with just a Lightning power connection, my iPhone 7 would get hot enough to seemingly mess with the battery after Zwifting (e.g., going from 66% to 6% in a few minutes… but this may be related to using automatic Do Not Disturb while Driving… which I disabled in early Feb. after I had the battery problems), but a few restarts, iOS updates, and Zwift app updates later (in Feb.), all was good. Now, I never launch Zwift without the Lightning AV (power + HDMI) connector and the phone barely gets warm - if I want to browse the Garage, I do it on my iMac.

Same here my xiaomi mi note 5 ai is at about 52celcius so hot, i can only do 100kms, havnt tried PRL full, will try to lower brightness, i dont want to use a desktop coz m zwift backyard of our house, no decent laptop to run zwift, android is my only option now

I removed my OtterBox case and found the phone ran noticeably cooler