Companion App - Issue with iOS Hotspot

Hey folks,
I have an issue with my Zwift Companion App:
Until now I’ve been using my Android Phone (Samsung S10e) to provide a Hot-Spot for my PC to run Zwift on (no WiFi around). It was no issue and the same phone providing the Hot-Spot to the PC could run the Companion App with no issues. Now the same thing on iOS seems to fail.
The FAQ’s say that you have to be on the same WiFi network with both devices and while technically this is not accomplished with my setup, it had’nt been with the Android Phone up to now.
Is this a common issue or can I fix it somehow?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve never used the Android version but anytime I’ve used my iPhone hotspot to run Zwift on my Apple TV the companion app does not run as it should. It’s pretty annoying actually (there’s been other threads on the forum about the need to be on the same WiFi network so I’ll leave it at that).

Thanks - just strange, that it did work with Android, because technically it shouldn’t have, because the Phone cannot be on it’s own WiFi-Hotspot. I found an old phone (Xiaomi Mi 9 SE) which has some issues with an unreliable Digitizer, which became my dedicated Zwift-Companion Phone now.
I see the Benefit, that I am not draining my Hotspot-Providing-Phone-Battery with simultaneous 100% Screen-on-Time.