AppleTV 4k overheating and lag after recent graphics update


After latest update graphics became a lot nicer on Apple TV 4k, thank you for that, shadows bring depth so well! Tho I noticed that fan on my ATV also started to ramp up and some menus started to lag after any long ride (for instance in spindown menu app stucks for up to 10 seconds, which never happened before, I didn’t even thought that fan exists in ATV lol). Any experienced Apple user knows that if fan ramps up, then it is already overheating. And it is less than 20ºC in my apartment.

Maybe a tiny bit of tweaking could somehow reduce the load on ATV? As a photographer I can say that shadows play a really huge role in perception so those must stay, but for instance that glowing (bloom?) effect not important at all and even sometimes distract with how it overlays some objects it physically shouldn’t, and as far as I know any HDR or Bloom effects do hardly affect performance.


Thanks for the heads up! I’ll look into this.

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Hi. I am also having an issue which began about ten days ago. After about 7-10 minutes of use my Apple TV 4K freezes and displays the attached error message. I’ve never had an issue prior to this and the ATV seems to work fine otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.

Is your Apple TV inside the entertainment center? If so, perhaps move it to the top of the entertainment center under the TV.

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Also Jason, does your Apple TV only overheat when using Zwift?

I just did an hour ride with Apple TV 4K in the basement (66 deg F). The Apple box was warm, but I didn’t hear a fan.

I’d make sure the vent on the bottom is unobstructed (dust bunnies).

Also, are you running any apps in the background along with zwift?
I’ve never seen that message from my Apple TV.

Hi Lin - No it is to the right of the TV in a well ventilated area near the wall. I’ve been using this setup for about a year without any issues until recently.

Seems to be happening with other apps also. I’ve contacted Apple and they were not helpful. Not sure if it is Zwift or the unit itself at this point, but would like to do a little more troubleshooting before visiting the Apple Store.

If it’s happening with other apps, it is likely to be the unit itself. How old is the unit? How long have you been running Zwift on it w/out issue?