Zwift hub getting hot

just got my Zwift Hub, 2 days from ordering) set up and calibrated, ( now using V3 power oedals) then went for ftp foundation 1 hour ride, various intervals at 185 W with cadence from 90 to 100, the ZH held power much better than my old kinetic wheel on road machine, where the power ( measured with V3 at pedals) jumped a lot.

My question is how HOT should the ZH get ? the lower case ( non drive side) was too hot to touch after this fairly gentle ride.

Mine got really hot the other day when I did a hard workout. I barely touched the non-drive side lower case and it almost seemed like my finger sizzled. I’d been going up a climb that had 16% grades so it was on maximum resistance.

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Mine also overheated during the climb of the “alpe de zwift” with a hot smell.
2 days later my zwift hub is broken and gives me wrong WATT/cadence values ​​or no values.

hoping it’s not related :sweat_smile:

Same thing happened with me last night, did the mountain 8 circuit and about three quarters of the way up a burning smell started coming from the Zwift hub. Had to take the fan off me and put it on the floor next to it to try and keep it cooler but didnt really do anything tbh. Not had any other ride since so hopefully its stilll working fine. But it was ridiculously hot to touch though, anyone from Zwift able to clarify how often this happens?

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I haven’t actually thought to touch the unit after a ride before! Curious now and going to try it tonight!

Your watts have to go somewhere so a trainer (any trainer) getting hot in use is business as usual. The main thing worth worrying about would be the electronics too hot as well, since that can damage the components or expose flaws in the assembly.

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I’d have thought 167 Whr in an 18 degree C room ( with fan ) would be dissipated more efficiently ( heat sinks ?) i wonder how hot it will get in summer.
Waiting for the burning smell of frying electronics

still no word from zwift , if this us usual or whether my hub is going to burn !


Like how you touch the plate when the server says, be careful its really hot, I tried it last night! :slight_smile: Only had an hour or so to spare last night but I had did a 35 min ERG workout in Zwift and then rode for 20 or so minutes in GTA5. The casing was hot to the touch at the end - uncomfortable after a few seconds. The rest of the unit felt normal to touch. I couldn’t smell anything burning. I hadn’t touch the unit before - on much longer rides, but never recall smelling anything.

I’m hoping that is meant to be acting like a giant heat sink and the rest of the unit is protective. Perhaps a few got into the wild which are more susceptible to the heat. I’d hit up support to see about a replacement for those.

All the trainers I have had have been too hot to touch right after use, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that as long as everything is working normally. (Heck, in my oooold dumb wheel-on Tacx, the roller eventually even deformed a bit from the heat and wore into grooves around where the wheel runs, not that it had any practical impact beyond aesthetics.)

Even a slight burning smell on first use is normal for some manufacturers (iirc e.g. Tacx) as there may be some residue from chemicals used in making the printed circuit boards that only goes away when the unit gets properly warm.

Yeah, I would imagine they all generate a great deal of heat because of the nature of what they do. The only thing I saw related to heat was around it potentially affecting accuracy which was hoping to be fixed in a firmware update. Others had a built in sensor for the heat too - though related to being able to maintain accuracy rather than cooling. I’m also thinking its been on the market for two years already via JetBlack and there doesn’t appear much on it being an issue there.

Personally I haven’t had any issues with it - was just curious to touch it after it was mentioned - so I’m not concerned at all. Can fry up a snack after a long ride too. :slight_smile: