Zwift Hub burning smell


Ive had my zwift hub for about 2 months now, and today midtraining a very odd burning smell started to come from the trainer.
It eventually stopped once I got off the bike, but I’m now concerned about using it. What should I do?


Contact support

Please close this case.

Had this happen to me this AM. I’ve only logged 6hrs total on the trainer. The thing smelled like it was on fire (it wasn’t) and the left side ‘drum’ of the trainer was burning hot to the touch.
Regretting that I returned a new Wahoo KICKR Core trainer for this.

The trainer getting hot where the drum is normal. I’ve had it where its been uncomfortable to touch for more than a few seconds. The heat has to go somewhere. Never that hot that it burnt skin or anything.

A burning smell isn’t normal - I’ve never smelt burning. I’m In a facebook group with 400 plus Hub members and haven’t seen that reported so it is a rare occurrence - only seen it posted a few times here. I would open a ticket and look at getting a replacement or a return and get the core, if you prefer.