Inconsistent Resistance, Burning Smell

Did not see any conclusion to a previous post that had a similar issue, but having the same difficulties with the Zwift Hub. I have been trying to resolve for the past eight (8) days to no avail as the support either disregards my suggestions that it could be hardware and/or do not respond to my messages in any timely manner. Beyond email conversation, I have been on Zwift Chat for 20 mins now without a response. I cannot find a phone number to actually chat with someone realtime.

I cannot keep a consistent resistance even though the incline is 0%. I have recalibrated the trainer and completely removed and re-installed the software. I have turned off all nearby bluetooth connections. With all of that being said, the resistance goes from 0 to 100 to 0 and if I pedal more than 10 seconds consecutively there is a burning rubber smell emanating from the device.

Would appreciate any suggestions that anyone else has regarding this issue. Thanks.

That can’t be good, figure they should replace it just on this issue alone.

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Same issue. When I start pedaling it smells like burned rubber. Its definitely not the too warm belt. In the meanwhile there is a little bit of black dust on the derailleur below the chainring. Until now no solution from zwift team

A burning smell is definitely not normal. Can you turn the flywheel by hand? It should spin with just a couple of pounds of pressure applied, once spinning it should freely rotate for a bit before stopping. If you can’t spin it or it stops straight away there is something clearly catching it.

I appreciate your help.

This ticket needs to be closed. My Zwift has been replaced.

My current issue is we returned it with the label provided via FedEx and I received an email saying it had not been returned yet. I sent the receipt of it being dropped and scanned to the FedEx system.

Can you confirm y’all see the tracking and et have completed the process.