Smell issues after workout (Elite Suito)

Dear Zwift Community,
I use the Elite Suito as a smart trainer. After workouts I notice a strong smell of rubber which is emitted by the smart trainer. Did u ever had the same issue?
The Elite Support doesn’t see any reason to check the trainer and says that everything is normal - I have never heard of that kind of issue before.
Friends of mine do not use the Elite Suito but say that they never had smell issues after a training. Is there anybody of you also using the Elite Suito who maybe experienced the same?

I don’t have a Suito, but that certainly don’t seem right. It sounds like the drive belt may be rubbing.

Hi Patrick,

Did you get any follow up on your issue?
I’m experiencing the same issue.
It smells burnt after I’m done riding. I’m afraid the trainer will break soon.

Kr, Laurens

Hey Laurens,
I complained that issue at the manufacturer. They stated that they never heard about that problem. Nevertheless they agreed to change my device. With the new one everything works fine.