Zwift One Hub getting hot and smell warm metal


I have my Zwift One Hub since December 2023, and since this week, I start to smell warm metal. So I tried to feel how warm the wheel got from the Zwift One Hub, that got extremely hot. That was were the warm metal smell came from. It get 84C (183F), and that with a simple 1h10m 160W average training.
Before the Zwift One Hub, I had a Wahoo Kickr and that was arround 45-50C, and never smelled it.
Is below all good? No wonder why my room get’s so hot :cold_sweat:

Cheers from the Netherlands


If you contact support they may replace your trainer

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Hi @Steven_Schuurman, welcome to the forums! I’m Gian from Zwift.

We’re sorry to hear that your Zwift Hub One is getting very hot. Thank you for posting a picture.

I have reached out to you via email to continue assisting you. We’ll continue the conversation over there.