Tour de Zwift 2021 FAQ

Or something like the Prestige Jersey thing I proposed ages ago. :smiley:

As for jerseys in general, I have loads of them. Maybe 30 or 40, I don’t know. But I tend to wear the same one or two most of the time.

Things that would make me more likely to wear more of my jerseys:

  • a “favourite” system where I can star some jerseys and have them in a separate wardrobe. Scrolling around finding a jersey is a PITA, so I change less often because subsequently finding the one I had on before is painful

  • a “random favourite” jersey setting; where each time I start a ride, it puts me in a random selection from my favourited jerseys. I can always go into the garage to put on a specific one instead if I prefer.


I need an organizer, I had 140 at last count.
I would love to put some in the back of the closet.


Yeah, maybe I’ve got more than 50. I dunno, it’s a fair few though. And the selection mechanism is terrible. There’s not even a search/filter.


Kit freak :joy:


Out of interest, why is there no 7am GMT TdZ ride each day? It’s really frustrating for me and UK folk who want to do it before starting work as 8am is too late, 6am involves a really early start.

There seem to be hourly recurrences at every other hour, so how come not 7am?

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Not sure why that’s funny…it does. For those of us with kids, in lockdown, juggling work and trying to find time to keep healthy, having to get up 5:30 or earlier just because Zwift seems to choose one arbitrary hour a day NOT to schedule a TdZ ride is really frustrating.


Longer/standard/shorter is a time based descriptor, not distance… hence a longer route with less elevation would take less time than one that covered more elevation & less distance.

Equally, a route on gravel would take longer than one on tarmac…

I whish there was more options for 5am-6am EST. Having young kids and family responsibilities I have to be done by 7am.

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Can I warn everyone about the Tour de Zwift t-shirts on Le Col - they are all massive!! Despite saying they are a slim fit, I went for a large (as I have a 40’ chest) instead of a medium. Big mistake. They have basically sent me a tent. To make matters worse the mediums have sold out so I cannot change it. :frowning_face:

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Can you send me large one - I’ll pay you via PayPal or EU Sepa bank transfer? Mail me to email removed

so ive noticed some people riding around with the kit from this already, i havent gotten anything and ive done both stages so far, is it random or have they completed all the other stages in advance somehow. I want my game kit lol

Sorry - my son nabbed it off me! Maybe Le Col will produce more with any luck.

I think this is a bug, I have a feeling that those you are seeing just finished an event and Zwift isn’t rendering the correct Jersey. Maybe this will be addressed with the display bug fix that is coming out this week? I also would bet that those who you see with the jersey don’t see it on their screen/device (what you see isn’t always what others see in Zwift).

Thanks for the encouragement. On the mountain route, from the pass/turn off, how far to the turn around, how much elevation and how steep. I think I used a lot of energy getting to the pass. I have a workout today and after I hope I feel better. Sat. I will start with 110w and move up to 120-125. we’ll see.

Zwiftinsider and Zwifthub are your friends for all details about the routes on Zwift:

@shooj How exactly was Stage 2’s “shorter” ride 28km of rolling terrain? Couldn’t it have been one lap of Harrowgate instead of 2? Please explain the thought process to me.

I know someone just trying to get started on Zwift and was proud to be on their bike for half an hour. How do you intend to draw people like that in to this event/tour if you can’t even accommodate their fitness/abilities?

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Hi @Alex_Ryback_A_SASK we discussed the choice of adjectives upstream

Wait until your friend tries Stage 3. C ride, 3w/kg, still took 61 minutes. There are no easy rides.


Thanks @shooj for linking to that and I appreciate your efforts to hear us all out on here and provide clarity. (I might suggest useful posts like that though somehow get pinned to the top of the comments or the original post is edited to provide a link to it).

However, I’m going to point out that I think it’s hilarious that the choice was made to label 2xRichmond UCI (33.2km 254m) to be the “long” course and 2xHarrogate UCI (27.9 492m) to be the “short” course. Both took me about 50 minutes. So while the terminology maybe makes it clearer to users the intention of those rides, the implementation of the course selection falls short of matching that terminology IMO.

And I hadn’t looked at stage 3 before I posted this… so yeah, oof.