Tour de Zwift 2021 FAQ

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Theres a good chance I won’t be able to make a stage 3 ride. Will there be catch up days?

Yes the final week of the tour will be make-up days.
I think it is Feb 13-20.


Per the post at the very top of this thread, you have to complete all the TdZ Stages to get the kit.

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Does anyone really want the kit? No Tron kit with helmet (like last year :rofl: :joy: :rofl:?
Sorry but it isn’t pretty. Same with Fondo jerseys. I never wear them.


instead of the Fondo time waste jerseys and kits i would instead love to wear a simple jersey with a number on my back which display the current level i have …

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@Kate @Anthony_Cresswell_ZL @fair_weather_rider @Deek_Koal If you had trouble getting the code to apply on the US site, try refreshing the page. The code went through once I did that. #shrug

Thanks for helping out. Sorted now. Zwift is awesome but they don’t half complicate things. Doing the TDZ ABCD is crazy as people think it’s as the cats


Very disappointed the TDZ men’s bib shorts are sold out. I ordered a TDZ jersey but NEED the matching bibs :wink: Are there others out there missing out on the bibs as well? Can Zwift place another order with Le Col? I can’t believe Le Col wouldn’t be getting more. I’m sure they’re in very high demand. Tempted to contact Zwift…

I’m old and hefty, new to Zwift on a regular basis and up to a 10. I joined the Tour de Zwift as an E rider. Stage 1, didn’t know for beans, people all over, time went by and our leader was taking about something and passing .6 miles. … I got started. Mostly I rode alone. I figured out the power of the riders passing me. I finished and got a check for stage one. Stage 2, I warmed up, could see the start and a red fence. It disappeared, " GO GO GO" and I went, much faster than normal. I was a mass that all looked the same. I realized one body was moving backwards towards me in the in the mass, it was me and by 1 mile the mass moved on. I never saw that we had a leader. towards the end of the first lap, I caught people with 1.0 power and we stayed loosely together to the top of the first climb corner out of town. one pulled 15 sec ahead. another disappeared. We could never get organized to work together. we finished and I got a check. Stage 3 for E’s, the mountain route! I have neither climbed that high or ridden that far. I have ridden parts so today I was going to ride to the top and back to the seaplane. I did OK to the upper village, courtyard, tunnel. when I came out … I had to find a gearing I could hold 110w and slowly up the hill I went. Towards the end, I noticed everyone was 2.0+w and the 417th person climbed to the pass in 58 minutes and went to “N/A”, disheartening. I crossed the pass at 77 minutes and then around the corner to the turnoff I came, looked up at the antenna’s and a vertical road on the left to the top. I pushed “straight ahead” a flew down the hill to the bridge and the airplane at 47 mph. The ONLY fun, on that climb. I can’t see me less than 2 hours Sat., on this mountain route. Is there a time limit? How do I find a place to add a comment without using “reply”? I have learned, met to folks in stage 2 and enjoyed challenges. I should get better in time if I don’t reach my life expectance first.

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This Sat. Jan 16 was the only date, half dozen times, last night.

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Hi @John_Rasmussen3, welcome to the forums. There is no time limit, good job challenging yourself!

Hello, I completed Stage 1 and received a tick in my passport. However after completing Stage 2 yesterday on the longer Richmond course, I haven’t received my tick yet. Does it come later? or should I contact zwift? I don’t really want to ride it again, it tore my legs off yesterday, highest w/kg I’ve done so far on zwift for under an hour effort. Granted this was my 18th time on zwift.

Hi all! I did my first TdZ last week and when I logged in I saw there was a rookie ride so joined that. It was great! I’m finally able to do Stage 2 today and I’m trying to find another rookie ride but only seeing the standard A,B,C & D events. Where can I find the rookie rides?

Tour de Zwift run 4 is still showing as 23.8km for the shorter run. When is this going to be fixed?

Hi @Mike_George_Lambert welcome to Zwift forums.

A 23.8 km run doesn’t sound right. I’ll forward this to the team.

Is it possible to ride Road to Sky in stage 3 when you’re a level 9 Zwifter?

Yes. Routes are always available if you enter an event that uses the route. The level restrictions are only ‘enforced’ during free rides and non-group workouts.

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Last Spring they reduced the level lock down to 6 for the alp, or did it go back up?

Your level doesn’t matter when you’re riding an organized event. Similarly, in a Meetup what routes you can ride depend on the organiser’s level, not yours.