Touch Screen Controls?

(Neil Jones) #1

I’m new to Zwift and using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with no problems, except I’m trying to work out what I can and cannot do using just the touch-screen interface… I can tap the screen to bring up the menu option, I can tap power-ups to activate them, I can tap turn icons, I’ve somehow managed to take a photo that’s appeared against one of my rides on Strave, but I’ve no idea how I did that.  Beyond that, I don’t know if it’s possible to do other things like change the camera angle.  Is there a touch-screen guide somewhere?

(Jason K) #2

We don’t have custom controls for the Windows tablets, so you’re just using the same interface as PC. Everything you’re doing could have been done with a mouse on a computer. The screenshot is automatic with every ride if you don’t take one manually.

Ride On.

(Neil Jones) #3

Thanks, so if I’m understanding this correctly, the only interaction via touch screen is with anything that’s got an on-screen button, which I guess makes sense.  I’ve started using the Mobile Link iOS app now, which kind of makes my original question somewhat academic.