Toggle Zwifters Nearby

Is it possible to toggle on/off Zwifters Nearby?

What device are you using? I think that if you’re on an iPad/iPhone you can swipe it off, but I’m not sure about other platforms.

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I use a laptop running windows 10. It’s a non-touch screen so can’t swipe.

You can’t swipe them off with a touch screen Windows laptop anyway (I tried last night, 'cos I couldn’t remember). Phone/tablet only I assume.

Only options are all or nothing.

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The nothing option is of course the HUD-free view — keyboard shortcut = H to toggle on/off — introduced in April 2021:

Combined with Companion running on a separate device, you get about 95% of the same information with a clutter-free main view.

(Sorry if this is obvious/old knowledge for you, @Chuck_MacLellan, but not everyone follows all the updates.)

You can definitely do that on iPad, I do it all the time. You lose the chatter along with it. I tend to ride without that and power bar at the bottom. Not sure whether you can do it in workout mode, though, you are definitely locked into having power bar present - but that was not the question!

This needs to come to all desktop versions.