Zwifters Nearby bar cannot be swiped away on IPAD

Before the latest update 1.39 I could swipe right on the rider list for it to go away and not be on screen. I have tried restarting app/ipad. Tried about 20 times swiping in various ways but I cannot get rid of it.

Same issue, hope we get some insight on how to fix. On a smaller screen real estate is a premium :(.

Same issue on iPhone. And from what I’ve seen elsewhere on the forums, Android also. I hope this functionality is restored.

This still isn’t fixed, is it going to be?


I can no longer clean the screen and customize it, especially the information located on the left and right. Previously, this was possible with a simple swipe gesture. This possibility seems to have disappeared in the past few weeks. Is this a bug or a deliberate decision by Zwift to no longer offer the ability to hide certain elements of the heads-up display?

I’m using an Apple iPad tablet, and having the information on the left and right sides creates a very cluttered view that prevents me from fully enjoying the immersion offered by Zwift. It’s truly very frustrating.

The full-screen view mode is not an equivalent solution because I like being able to read the information located at the top of the screen, and besides, the full-screen view mode is not available during a workout.

I truly feel that this is a major regression in the use of Zwift.

Thank you for your response.

It has been noted that this has stopped working. I remember seeing another post about it.

Not sure it’s been acknowledged as a bug or whether it was deliberate.

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In fact, the functionality has not disappeared. I realized by chance that you can still swipe the screen to make the side displays disappear. The only difference is that this is not available permanently, but only when the viewpoint customization icon is selected.


Wow thanks! It has only taken 2 months for somebody to mention this. It would have been nice if the zwift people replied.

Just to be specific. Click down the bottom somewhere to get the blue/white icons to come up, click on the EYE type looking icon, swipe right near the rider list.


On an iPad I have found this. I can hide the nearby rider list by tapping the list and quickly swiping to the right. There is no need to open the menu bar. If I tap slightly to the left of the rider list it will open the menu bar as well but continuing to swipe right over the rider list will hide it.

However, when swiping left, it is impossible to restore the nearby rider list as any time you tap in the area where the rider list should be it will open the menu bar and the swipe to the left will be read as changing your selection in the newly opened menu bar.

It appears to be that the tap selection area for the menu bar has been increased and is above (and by above I mean overlaid) the tap selection area for the nearby rider list thus making it impossible to access.

To restore the nearby rider list I need to first open the menu bar and then select one of the options that has an extended selection (ie, pace partner teleport, the change view (eye icon) or the emotes). Because these popup an extended menu and left and right swiping doesn’t work on these extended menus Zwift can now read the left swipe on the hidden nearby rider list to restore it.

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